Hi, I've been into this injection game for a few weeks now, even made myself two real nice hammocks. Since I can sew a sew a straight stitch I purchased materials to make 2 down quilts with matching under-quilts (to be used on the AT this spring/ summer. As my down source I selected a comforter on ebay, it came new with 50oz. of "100% 750fp goose down" for $129 including shipping.

I received the comforter last night and can see through the packaging a tag that says "minimum 75%" down. I contacted the seller and he stated that this was to fulfill a legal requirement, but is that true? I know down can't be separated 100% from feather material, but is 75% adequate for thru-hiking abuse? Last question, know the fill power reflects the volume of the down per ounce, is this shift in volume a result of additional feather material; as in 750fp would always be a min. 75%, and 850fp would be 85% or at least in the vicinity?

Thanks for any help, the seller would take the comforter back, but if it is what I'm looking for I would be very happy.