This weekend broke an uncharacteristic 80+ days of no rain in the notoriously rainy Pacific North West.

I was camped out on a high open ridge in the only patch of trees for miles suitable for hanging. Most trees burned from a past forest fire. Fortunately next to the car. I should have know better with the forecast storm front. As i retired for the night the wind started to pick up. I drifted off to sleep the sound of rain pounding on the tarp. I awoke at 3 am with the sound of the tarp flapping furiously in the wind. The spindrift was also flapping furiously, plus there was some mist shaking off the spindrift into my face. I was greeted by horizontal blast of rain as i started up unzip the sock entrance. At some time during the night the stakes were pulled out of the ground by a strong gust of wind. I could hear the next gust coming as i was fumbling to restake the tarp. When the gust arrived it brought chunks of bark peeled off the burnt trees. I was pelted with debris, and rain.
The wind was so strong i feared trees might fall. So i made the decision to retreat to the car. I removed my top quilt and tossed in in the car. While i was removing the under quilt, i noticed a large puddle of water on the bottom of the spindrift. Both quilts were dry, the hammock body was dry. It is apparent the tarp must have broken loose for some time, leaving the sock exposed to the full force of the horizontal rain.

I know this is not what the sock is intended for....but i'm impressed with the level of protection it affords.