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    Hammocking Solution for a larger camper?

    OK, so I've been giving some thought on how I could help a heavier person enjoy hammock camping.

    My thought is to do a bit of a mod to a HH Safari to make it easier for someone with mobility issues to get in/out of.

    I'm thinking about getting a Safari deluxe...bottom entry. Then take a pair of six foot loops of cordage...even just paracord, although a thicker, easier to grip rope might be better...and running them out through either end of the hammock through the same route as the ridgeline, and looping them out over the end of the hammock.

    I'm also considering making a little velcro "slide" to run them through so that they stay up along the ridgeline, but are easily accessible to someone who might struggle with sitting up in a hammock.

    The idea would be that someone with mobility issues could sit down in the bottom entry as normal, roll back in, but then reach up and grab that loop of rope and use it to pull themselves up into position along with pushing with their feet.

    Similar idea for getting out...keep the loop to the foot end on the ridgeline 'slide', and they could hopefully reach down and open the bottom entry with their toes, reach up and grab that rope, and use it to help pull them up into a sitting position, rather than forcing them to use their ab muscles as much.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Some creative thinking. Probably need to do a mock up for testing. Some DIY hammocks with the Hennessey style access will keep test costs low. If you have a specific person in mind, perhaps you could use him/her as a tester to determine what needs to be added and where. Kudos to you for compassionate thinking

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    I would be most interested in your solution.

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    I'm a big guy and I love my Safari. Once you get use to it its no problem moving around in it. Its Verry easy to get in and out of.

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    You could add some prusik loops to that ridgeline to help with gripping it.

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