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    Hennessy Hammock no-net hammock "Demo"


    Not long ago i decided on purchasing a HH Hammock. I scowered the net looking for the best of prices and then, one day i stumbled across a thread on the forums containing sale items for October. One of the items they were selling was a handful of HH hammock with removed netting. They were "DEMO" models and came with the tarp, the snake skins, tree straps and all the normal bells and whistle. I jumped at the chance as they were a third of the price of the normal HH Expedition.

    Throughout the review i will try and only touch on the HH no-net version as there are already numerous netted version reviews.


    At first you notice that the hammock weighs nearly nothing. Of course the netted version weights only 1.22kg's (just the hammock and bag) but the no-net version tips the scales at just 890 grams. Shaving 300 grams off of the hammock doesn't seem like much, but every ounce counts. The bag, snake skins, triggers and fly come in at only 360 grams all together, again quite minimal.

    The hammock is almost identical to the netted version of course, without the net. Getting in it requires no fancy sit-down through the Velcro motion like the original, but rather just swinging your legs into the hammock and laying back to relax. They generously left the Velcro there as an entrance option if you were to attach a net or waterproof shell as i plan on doing. The hammock has all the normal items that the original has, without the net and with a much easier entrance.

    The sides of the hammock were the netting is usually attached are rolled over and there is no seem as i thought there would be. They did not just remove the netting, they made this version with it in mind. No edges to catch on or zippers. Overall there are a few loose threads and whiskers of fabric that need to be taken care of. A quick flash over with a jet lighter takes care of them, or a knife/sizers temporarily stops the problem.

    Snake skins

    I know that the original has these as well but a quarrel i do have that the original may not encounter as much as the no-net version...

    When you pull the skins over the hammock you get a good 8 inches of bulk that does not go into the skins. You have to shove this part in by hand which is quite time consuming and a problem that should be fixed. The netted version does not encounter this quite so bad as it has the net to hold it quite uniformly over the top cord.

    One good thing with the no-net version is the fact that there just isn't as much material to go into the skins as the original (No net, less bulk) and so the skins quite easily pull across the hammock with no stopping what so-ever.


    I would suggest buying a no-net version if your on a budget and aren't too worried about the flying devils that so enjoy devouring humans. I plan to add a net latter this year if i find it necessary on trips and i will possibly devise a gortex shell for the hammock to make it truly water-proof without the need of the tarp. (Shall i dare say a chance for less weight?)

    10/10 In my opinions and worth my 60 bucks (After shipping and taxes) 100%. If you don't want the no-net i would suggest a netted HH then. Its not perfect for a hammock but its perfect for what i payed for. my plans for the future should hopefully make it a perfect hanging shelter! Excellent product.

    Plans in the future

    - Zip-on netting that surrounds the whole hammock and is fully removable.
    - Gortex top for total water-proof without the tarp. Less weight?
    - Easier tree-attachment system with a daisy chain and some BD "Oz" carabiners.


    I have yet to take the hammock out and i will be doing that over the weekend on a field Exercise were i hope i will get to use it. I will update this review with future usage information once i have field tested it. I have set it up in my backyard but it hasn't seen more then a nights use or torrential downpour yet.


    I took a few pictures from when i set it up in my backyard and on the stairs inside (Sorry, its been rainy horribly so i didn't really want to set it up the last few days. Pictures were a bit late)

    Inside with the tarp all set up.

    Inside with the tarp flipped over. Looks quite barren.

    All set up outside. Without the tarp.

    A view of the end. Very clean and organized looking.

    The view from inside. Nice mountains!

    Velcro seem. Still there, Even though you don't need to use it.

    I hope you enjoyed the review, please let me know if you want additional information on the product. Input and ideas are definitely appreciated!

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    Well I would definitely be interested in getting one for inside the house.

    As far as your gripe about the material in the middle that you have to spend time stuffing into the snakeskin, it happens on the ones with the screen too. But lets talk about that time......I can get the whole unit with the tarp in the skins and rolled up in under a minute. When is the last time you timed yourself taking down and packing say a VE-25 or any of the other freestanding tents.

    Anyway shoot me a pm and let me know where to get one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyd32450 View Post
    Well I would definitely be interested in getting one for inside the house.

    Anyway shoot me a pm and let me know where to get one.
    Contact HH and ask about their surplus sale list. Every so often they will send out an email listing the items they have on clearance or "scratch and dent" sale. That's where I have seen the no nets. You can also find deals on the Super Shelters if you don't mind some wear and tear.
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    What Rambilnrev said is true, best place to get them is from the company themselves. The one i currently own was a display model and they get new ones atleast every year of every type. They cost from 40-80 bucks depending on the style, mine i paid 60 after shipping taxes and all. Not a single spot from it being on display, I would believe it was new any day.

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    If you'll roll the hammock up, then when you pull the snakeskins on, you won't get that big, loose batch of hammock material that refuses to go into the snakeskin at the last part.

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    When you roll it up use your side tie-outs to help keep everything in place and help save you from having to wrestle with it constantly.

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    I presume that someone who is over 350 lbs might not be supported by such models.
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