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    Come in out of the rain

    As far as rain goes...
    I had my hammock set up out back testing the new ENO bug net and LL Bean tarp. I was with the family inside when I heard the wind start to pick up and the sky turned gray. I tell my wife and kids I'm going out to see how the tarp handles a heavy wind and rain and would I get wet. Well I get out there and it was really coming down. I could hear small branchings falling all around me. The tarp was really blowing around. Shortly my wife is out on the screen porch begging me to come back in and my kids were laughing at me. Grudgingly I come back in. I then hear the TV beep and the National Weather Service announcement indicating a tornado warning and that one was sighted in the county.

    Maybe she was right, but hey, I did stay dry.

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    wow!!!! you da man Bro. tornado

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    Glad that you stayed safe and dry

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