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Thread: webbing straps

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    webbing straps

    I'm sitting here looking at an el cheapo hammock and the thought occurred to me that I could do some experimenting with it. Specifically, I was thinking of trying to add an UQ modification to it.

    My thought was that one could sew webbing straps with adjustable buckles on the outside along the hem, to hold a foam pad or UQ in place. I wouldn't have to mess around with doing anything radical in the hammock body at all. I'd simply be using the outside hem.

    If one didn't need the UQ (in Summer, say), you could remove the webbing between the buckles. The modification would be light, depending upon how excessive you get adding buckles.

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    I say go for it, the worse that happens is you find it doesn't work and you have to cut the buckles off.

    I would suggest that you be sure to put enough straps in so that you can control the entire pad or you may find that it buckles (An instance of bending, warping, or crumpling; a bend or bulge.) out in places, causing cold spots. Perhaps 3 across (head, foot, hips) and 2 diagonally forming an X the length of the pad would suffice. Or you could need 5 across instead.
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    Good ideas -- and I will. One advantage I was thinking of was that it could be used with quite a few different things -- foam pad, down ... etc.

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    Good idea!

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    I was thinking about something along these lines, before I actually built and attached an UQ.

    Now, with just a no sew PLUQ, I question the need. I can get the UQ to sit correctly very easily, and it stays in place very well. The problem with a system like this is it would be difficult to adjust, and time consuming to set up. It limits the UQ to one location, so if you shift in your sleep, it can't move with you, or be adjusted to your liking with a quick pull.

    You could ease this some by using snap in buckles (like on a pack waist strap), so you can set the UQ once, lock the webbing, and just buckle and unbuckle it. Each UQ you use would need it's own buckles. It would still have the initial set up, and still be difficult to adjust, however.

    For a pad, this sounds like a great idea. You still can't move it, but pad are much more finicky, and I'd rather adjust my body than adjust a pad. You just need to figure out how the pad needs to lay to be most comfortable for you.

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