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    30 degree or a firm ridgeline??

    Hey fellow hangers,
    Quick inquiry as to the proper way to hang with my HH explorer deluxe. I have had success having a taut ridgeline and in practicing with the 30 degree angle and 20 inches off the ground have also found sucess but when doing it that way i notice a fairly loose ridgeline and my bug net can sometimes be problematic as being too saggy. Has anyone found a happy medium and which is better for the hammock as far as wear and tear.
    Every video i've watched has the Hennesssy taut.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks Walker.

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    I had someone else my size lie in it while I tweaked things (I suppose a dead seal my weight would have worked, too). It helped immensely.

    You should be able to get it right with the HH just by adjusting the main lines for height and tautness. Using a tautline hitch works better for me than the figure-8; lets me adjust those mains easy and without changing the stock suspension.

    You might try putting the tarp up separately, directly from tree to tree, instead of on the provided Prusiks.

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