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    noobie questions and observations

    I took the plunge and bought a WBBB double 1.1 a month ago and then started the "how to keep warm saga".Of course even though I had read plenty about UQ"s and TQ's I had to try the bag and pad method and managed to stay warm in the 40s but found out first hand how much a pain it is to fight the whole mess in the middle of the night. 6 nights in my back yard and my wife and kids wondered if I was going to move out there permanently.
    I took a deeper plunge and bought a HG 20degree quilt combo and spent the first night sleepless,because the Bottom quilt was too loose. this past weekend I spent 2 nights on a scout campout.I managed to tighten things up but still had some leakage fri night.
    I move around a lot and am a side ,stomach sleeper and figured I was making a gap when I moved. So Sat I was looking at the bottom quilt and noticed the front and back have little baffles which go between the bungees.I thought to myself,"could it be inside out"?So I flopped it and spent a toasty night in the upper 30's.Even though it looks inside out is this correct? I figure HG must figure if I spent that much money I would know how to rig it.
    I have seen most of Shugs videos but it still was not a no brainer for me.
    It was very nice being able to relocate after realizing I was within earshot of 2 talkative scouts and a loud snoring parent.In 10 short min I was all by my lonesome In solitude. Any UQ rigging tips for a HG quilt would be appreciated.

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    The little baffles are draft collars. As you discovered, they close up the gap that can open up where the UQ bends. A good thing to do is have someone lay in your hammock while you go around and make adjustments.
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    There's an article here about how to setup a newer HG UQ.

    I don't have any personal experience yet.

    P,s, it would be nice if somebody did a video on this... I'm a visual person

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    Thanks tall Paul on that link.Somehow I missed it. I am very happy with the quality of both the Warbonnet and HG quilts,and the shelf in the warbonnet is pure genius. Those draft collars certainly make the difference between being toasty and waking up with cold spots.I ordered the UQ in black and told Jenny at HG that they sent me green but it was OK.Of course now that I discovered I had inside out, it is black .I just thought the green was supposed on the outside.

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    With it inside out you would also be compressing the down and losing loft due to the differential cut. No wonder you were cold.

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