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    Now you know what to give as gifts next time you visit. Glad they were a hit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk-eye View Post
    AH HA! Wuhan ... thought that looked familiar ... was there back in Sept. Thanks ... Looks like the side you were on was amazingly free of people! Not sure I've seen much of China that was that void of folks on the streets that time of day! Must have been a real treat!

    Thanks for sharing your family and friend's pictures with us!
    Hawk-eye: Hah, do you go to Wuhan often?

    Yup, it was in the mid-afternoon on a weekday, so it was pretty empty and peaceful. The later pictures were taken late at night, so again not very many people; we went back again in the evening, but it was crowded and the mosquitoes were a nuisance (time to make plans for bug nets!)

    grannypat: Oh, everything except my ENO DN was a gift

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