I am a NOOB.
Please forgive me if this question has an obvious answer. Could you (and would it be wise to) get a big double side stuff sack (Bishop bag right? Or is it a Snakeskin) that would house a RidgeRunner, a Lynx under quilt, and a Spindrift pre-assembled?
I ask because it seems that one would set up the Spindrift at home and leave it on the hammock during a trip. It seems it would be easiest to put on the under quilt at home as well and then slide all three items, pre-assembled into one Snakeskin/Bishop Bag?

Would it work? If so is it a bad idea?

Any suggestions on a larger double stuff sack?

How do you guys carry your spreader bars? Finding a stuff sack for "tent poles" at camping stores has been unfruitful.

Please forgive any boo-boo's with my hammock terminology...