Tonight we added a few new items on our site:

1) We have a few items added to our On The Shelf page. One is a prototype crinkle nylon hammock (quantity: 1) and another is a custom 72-inch wide Camper Hammock that we are selling (quantity: 1). The original owner had it less than a week and he really enjoyed it, but decided it was worth having in a double layer. This one is used, like new condition. Both are HEAVILY discounted!

Here's the link.

I'll do my best to remove these items from inventory when they sell, but if this happens in the middle of the night, I'll give late comers a refund and an email explaining the situation.

2) We added a Camper XL to our hammock list. This is based on the Camper hammock but instead of 58 inches wide, this one is 72 inches wide! Specs: 132 inches long, 300 lb. weight capacity, 1 pound weight, 1.9 oz. ripstop nylon. It is listed here:

3) We have released the Nano Buginator. Go to the Buginator page and it is an option. Based on the same design, this hammock weighs 7 ounces (versus 8.8 for the original Buginator). Available here:

Questions? PM me or tncamper through HF or email either of us: or