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    Am i doing it wrong?

    It has come to my attention that everybody lays in hennessys with their feet on the left, but to me it seems like how the hammock is made it is more condusive to have your feet on the right, am i just a weirdy? or do other people feel this way?

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    According to Hennessey you're feet do go to the right. That is how I lay in it, but my recently converted friend that has been borrowing my Hennessey prefers to lay feet left.
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    Its definitely designed with the A-sym shape to lay with your feet to the left of the entry slit

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    i put feet to right (or knee)
    Q: Can I use the hammock in places where it's impossible to use the side tie-outs - for example, on an Amazon river steamer?

    A: Yes, depending on your position in the hammock, you can use the hammock without the side tie-outs. Normally the ridgeline and the side-tie outs help to hold the netting well away from your body. By placing your elbow in the left-side corner and your knee in the right-side corner you can duplicate the tension of the side tie outs and hold the net quite nicely in position. The rain fly could also be used without tying out the side tie-outs by hanging a weight on the ring on each side of the fly, eg. water bottles, to hold the fly down and keep it from flapping in the wind.
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    Did I miss this part or did I miss this part, what type of HH do you have, Classic or Zip?
    I suppose it doesn't really matter, so long as you are comfortable, but I think it's head left, feet right - the orientation however is different between the classic and zip. In the classic your head is where your feet go in the zip (or vice a versa). A freind has a zip and I have a classic, I call him sleeping backwards when he gets in, but he calls me backwards when I get in... So take your pick.
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    Does it matter?

    Are you comfortable? Do you sleep well? Are you warm?

    If not, then start asking questions.

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    I always thought it was head left, feet right in the classic or the zip. How ever you are comfortable though.
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    Mine is feet right. Use the tie outs as a guide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caveman View Post
    Mine is feet right. Use the tie outs as a guide.
    Def feet right with the classic bottom entry model.

    With the zip models, it seems a person has to make a choice, as they face the hammock on the zipper side, facing the zipper, whether they are going to lay down with their heads to the right or left. IOW, which end is the foot end, and does the zipper go to your left shoulder or right shoulder? Which ever you choose?

    I have experimented with my zip model and I'm not sure I see much dif comfort wise. However, one way makes a big dif in how easy it is to get the net out of the area of my face when the zipper is open. Dang it, I can't remember for sure which way that is right now, I'd have to hang it up and see. But once I lay down one way and then the other it is not hard to tell re: the net and my face.

    But however I position the zipper relative to my lt or rt shoulder, I always put my left shoulder towards whichever tie out is on the left side, and of course with my feet towards the tie out that ends up on my rt side. IOW, feet rt, head left.
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