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    Closet Cleanout. Camping non Hammock stuff

    1. INSULMAT hyper lite.
    This is the lightest , and perhaps thinest too, Insulmat. It only insulates from your shoulders to your butt. The picture is not exactly correct, this is smaller, weighs 4 ounces and is 3/8 thick where the hour glass is.
    15 inches wide x 28 inches x 3/8.
    $15 shipped.

    2. TRIANGIA Alcohol stove and pot with lid and pot handle. Great condition
    15 ounces.
    $20 shipped.

    3. BOTA of Boulder OUTBACK water filtration system. Filter as you drink while squeezing the bottle
    $20.00 shipped.

    4. AQUA STAR UV WATER TREATMENT PLUS. with the 30 ounce original bottle.
    $40.00 shipped.

    5. THERMA REST CAMP CHAIR. Rolls up, with the lighweight stays that hold it rigid. 17 ounces.
    $20 shipped.

    6. SOLD Varirest , formerly Thermarest, self inflating Pillow/backrest/seat.
    The Varilite Backrest Pillow is approx -- 16.5” long and 8.5” wide and 2" deep fully inflated. Navy Blue used once.
    Lightweight - only 5 ounces!
    $12 shipped.
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