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    Sparksko, do you know Kiko. He's a hiker I know that moved up there about a year ago.
    Oh about your two layers, I think it would be hot but I like to sleep cold myself. You can always make a weather shield if wind underneath is a problem. Non treated is cheaper then treated.
    Nope, don't know any Kiko. I haven't met many people up here in the 3 years I've been here. Haven't hiked much either.

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    sil nylon just means siliconized. or treated with silicone. no fabric i know of is truly waterproof. your sil-nylon was once simply nylon. for that matter any tightly woven fabric will do if scotchguarded or treated with silicone. nylon or cuben is preferred only for weight and packed size in my opinion. the teqnique is simple as well. spray the scotchguard, brush on, or dip fabric in a thinned silicone mix. want good spreadability and ease of wiping off. apply in coats with either technique and test a small piece with your showerhead until you get your desired result. then treat your tarp, dry a day or 2 and go hang. heck make a few for yourself sounds like you got plenty of materials.
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    5 1/2 years later someone replies to thread, lol. You're lucky I remembered my password so I can poke a stick at you

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkysko View Post
    5 1/2 years later someone replies to thread, lol. You're lucky I remembered my password so I can poke a stick at you
    But hey you did get a fresh reply.
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    So the big questions after 5 1/2 years is are you still sleeping in a hammock and do you still have 37 yards of that mystery fabric

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