3:JuneBugDawn <---Doctor said I can go!
4:Cowboy and the White Devil. PAID
5:AHHGladius and the Grey Devil (please bring a full first aid kit...)
6. Gresh and Biscuit PAID<------- how tall is this guy? 6'4"
7:BajaHanger - Solo for this one PAID
9: kk4df
10: mbcruzin
11: Doc + 1
12. thenumbersix PAID
13. Bilbo Baggins - just kidding, Ithilstone is in
14. MedicineMan
15. Poof
16. Captain Smiley (DEFINITE!)
17. SCGeoNinja (Friday)
18. Hermit Has at last paid
19. squidbilly82
20. TallPaul PAID
21. Fish on and Lil’ Red Bird PAID