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    Good thread.

    When I ordered my WBBB hammock this summer, I bought a tarp for it, but postponed a Top Quilt due to cost and it being summer I didn't need it yet. I did get an UQ but haven't tried it yet because of the warm weather.

    I am really looking forward to our Texas Hang next weekend, and it will be my first time using the hammock with temps at night forecast to be in the 50's -- good for a first run to see if I can configure it right without having any drafts. I ordered a TQ but don't know if it will come in before next weekend, so I may be needing to use a sleeping bag as a TQ, but at that temp I should be OK.

    I grew up sleeping in a hammock quite a bit, but I grew up in the tropics so never worried about it getting cold at night. Seeing folks here hanging with snow on the ground amazes me and I do want to try to keep camping as the temps drop (I know, here in Texas we don't really have it COLD, but last January on a kayak-camping trip I was quite uncomfortably cold in a tent when it got cold enough there was ice in my kayak the next morning).

    Since my UQ is a Yeti torso-length, I'm wondering if I need to also get a full-length one for camping when it is colder, but I'll see how the Yeti does first.

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    I've actually been curious about topquilts myself....I may be poking around at the hang next weekend to see if anyone will let me try them out for coverage...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwrider View Post
    Where on this site is the list of manufactures that make TQ?
    See Shug's post #18

    Where is the info on converting a sleeping bag to TQ? I have an old one I would like to try it on just for fun, I will only use the diy TQ for camping not backpacking (far to heavy)
    There are threads on changing a sleeping bag into an Under Quilt. But to convert to a TQ, just leave it mostly unzipped, stick your feet into the foot section and pull it up to your neck. If you can snap close the neck area, then close it around your neck.
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    All you need to look at are the advantages, because there no disadvantages to a top quilt. It's not a apple/orange comparison, it's a apple/turd comparison.

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    Couldn't you save a lot of weight by cutting off the zipper and resewing it though? Well maybe not a lot of weight, but a bit.

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    I think the biggest advantage is the ease of getting in and out, especially with a bottom entry Hennessy. I always have a tough time getting the material under me straight while wrestling with the zipper. When I switched to a side entry Blackbird, I realized that I needed to enter my hammock from the left, but that I had a right-zip sleeping bag. That is probably the worst combination. Since then I have tried a left zip bag and it is way easier. All of these concerns go away, however with a quilt. Just get in anyway you want and pull the quilt up like a blanket. Easy. You can try it by just unzipping your sleeping bag down to the last foot or so, and using your bag like a top quilt. I would have just kept doing that, but I had paranoia about the zipper tearing the hammock when it was trapped under me. A quilt has no zipper.

    If you do go with a quilt, I recommend a sewn or snapped footbox. My velcro footbox rips apart too easily if I am trying to put my feet into it. Hope this helps.

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