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    Newbie Question Underquilt with space blanket combo's

    Has anyone used a space blanket to supplement their UQ with a SB and if so was it successful and something you are still doing? What if any are those combinations and how low were you able to go comfortably?

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    Depends on the underquilt used. The space blanket does help, as it immediately reflects body heat, while the underquilt insulates what does get through the SB. With the HHSS, I got comfortably dwn to about 45. With the Insultex, about 40. Note that I do sleep really cold, and I'm acclimated to central Texas weather, so I like more insulation than most. I haven't tried supplementing my New River underquilt with the space blanket yet.

    I do prefer the Heet Sheet (the one that's orange on one side), since it's less noisy when you turn over, and it doesn't feel as flimsy and prone to ripping.
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    Well as you already know I routinely use one in an HH Super Shelter, and I consider it quite successful.

    But I have also used it inside the Pea Pod to sleep OK at 10F in that 20F rated product. Plus I have used it a lot under the hammock in the Pea Pod at temperatures not cold enough to need it, just to keep body vapor out of the pod's down. It worked very well for that.
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