Ive been doing a lot or research on tarps lately with the goal of upgrading from an ENO ProFly, and I am quite torn. Let me preface this by saying I have no experience with Sil or Cuben.

I want something lighter. Both fabrics more than meet the bill since I will be dropping from 22oz+
I want something durable and this is where I am stuck. I have yet to read of bad durability problems with sil but I have read about many of them with cuben (all be it many seem conflicting).

The 2 tarps I think I have whittled it down to are the Warbonnet Big Mamajamba & the HammockGear 4Season Cat Cut Cuben. I want a 4 Season tarp and both will give me that option. Normally I'm quite cheap but When I price the BMJ with doors I'm only about $100 or less away from going Cuben.

My concern is I don't want to regret my purchase on either side. I don't want to wish I had gone lighter or find out the cuben isn't as durable as I would have hoped.

Also I'm a little weary of the split rings on the Warbonnet and am curious how they hold up.

Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.