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    I had the same issue. Once it was out of the bag the first time that was it. I put the hammock in its sack, but the fly goes in its own bag now. It helps keep stuff dry if I put the wet fly in its own water resistant bag. Most of the time it is damp in the morning, even if it didn't rain. I use one of the orange sacks from Walmart. If it is really wet I could clip the outside of the pack
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debi Jaytee View Post
    As Dammfast said, if you have the snakeskins on the hammock,there's no way it'll fit. What I do (and I stole it from someone on here) is once the hammock is in the skins, fold it up as small as possible and tie the tree straps around it to keep it tight. The tarp will them pack into a small enough package to fit almost anywhere (day hatch of a kayak) so you can pull it out and set it up first if necessary. Having said that though, I don't normally use the stock tarp from Hennessy unless I'm guaranteed perfect weather, it just needs to be too precise so I opt for a bit bigger one.
    this is not true, i pack mine with the snakeskin's. takes more work and isn't quite as small but it fits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowl-maker View Post
    I have not had that problem. I keep the stock tarp in the bottom of the bag all the time even though I use the hex or winter tarp most if the time. I put the hammock in the skins, fold it in half, put the halfway mark in the bag and stuff the rest in. Then my baggied straps go on top if that and cinch the bag. I will take some pics but it has really not been a problem.
    What he said. It should all fit pretty easily in the bag. Hammock ,straps and tarp.

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    Historically I have put the snakeskins stuffed with my HH Deluxe in the orig stuff sack with a handful of stakes and the 2" tree huggers. My tarp I always kept rolled up in an outside pocket of my pack. My thought was the tarp is the first deployed and then i work under it. Therefore, it's the last think down and into the pack.

    That being said, I just recently changed my strategy... and it's still a work in progress. I switched the snake skins to my tarp, which will still be stored in an outside pocket of the pack for the same reasons.

    After installing the HHSS I decided that rather than take all that apart again i would leave it together and then nothing would fit in my stuff sack anyway. So, I just sorta rolled the HH, HHSS and sleeping bag all up together and stuff it into the bottom of my backpack. Sorta like the guy in the HH video, but I did roll it somewhat and tie it a little with the suspension cords. It's not much bigger than the sleeping bag was anyway. I could probably stuff it into a compression sack and shrink it.

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    I keep my Explorer in snake skins and then I used the original stuff sack for their large fly because I couldn't get the fly back into it's original sack. So to repeat, hammock only in it's snake skins and stuff the rainfly into the hammock sack. Works for me

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