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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhb627 View Post
    Depends on what version of the HH you have. The newer models are are Being shipped with a webbing loop and the rope is attached to that. With the ridge line cord being attached to the same loop on the inside of the hammock.
    But that is not what he has pictures of.

    As far as that goes it really does not matter. My basic point is that when someone goes under the cover and starts messing with the suspension attachment points and the rope used they change the way several parts of the hammock relate to each other. That act trashes any complex designed piece of equipment in a lot of people's eyes. It does not matter if it's hammocks or stoves or pots or ... you pick. Some people will jump on getting the modded gear but most will not touch it or will not pay much if they do. Saying any more would become a rant. HYOH


    Free advice worth what you paid for it. ;-)

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    Carabiners with round spine

    Quote Originally Posted by amac View Post
    This system clearly works with a solid ring, like SMC D-rings. It won't work with carabiners that don't have a completely round spine. Does anyone know where ti get a lightweight strong carabiner with a round spine?
    Here are two that I found:

    But I really like the idea of these Stainless Steel deals, which, while heavy, look like they'll definitely do an admirable job:


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    Nice,,,,,,I think I just found a better way to use the 300lb PE fishing line that was supposed to be 2mm but more like 1.2mm as tarp ridge line . It's so fine to deal with when your fingers are cold or just feeling extra clumsy even with aliens .
    Wish I would of seen those woopie sling supplied descender rings a long time ago , most were as expensive as climbing carabiners. Bought a bag of nice nickle over steel dog lease / horse harness rings from amazon.

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