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    SC Fall Sprawl 2013, Sesquicentennial State Park, Columbia SC Sept 20-22

    Its official boys and girls, the Third Annual SC Fall Sprawl 2013 in Columbia SC is set and booked for September 20-22.

    Now, usually I book for 3 nights but there hasnt been too many hold overs to Monday, so this year I have it for 2 nights only with a leisurely packing day Sunday.

    Last year, the raffle raised $700 for the park. The poor ranger we presented it to nearly had a heart attack when we handed him the donation!

    So, some features of the hang:

    Walking/biking trails!
    Right on Lake Santee and next to a boat ramp, so come paddle!
    On site Restrooms, picnic tables and tap water!
    Minutes from local food, and hotels (if you need that kinda thing...)
    In-park General Store, playgrounds and cabins!
    Raffles* featuring gear from our Cottage Industries, and some big ones too!
    Gear Demos & how-to's
    Gear Garage Sale
    The chance to pick others brains about setups!!!

    I will be bringing several stoves including the eBay propane stove, Polished Trangia w/clikstand, coke can, Fancy Feast and any others I find before then. I'll also have a can of De-Natured Alky if people run out.

    I am asking a small nonrefundable $5/person to cover campsite costs, and anything leftover will go to firewood and the DIY stuff. Paypal , and please put in the notes your user name and update the spreadsheet!

    This is the planning thread from last year:

    And the trip report:

    Link to the park:

    Link to the Spreadsheet (must have link to edit!!!):

    Pot Luck Sign Up Sheet

    *All proceeds go to the park as a donation from the members of HammockForums!


    We have been working the idea up for a potluck and last year we almost got it off without a hitch (last minute, some confusion etc)

    This year, I would like to have a Pot Luck Dinner Saturday night. I have a spreadsheet to sign up with what, and if someone would be nice to coordinate it I would appreciate it.

    PLEASE NOTE: Please only commit to the Pot Luck if you know you are coming and can bring what you say you can! Also if your portion is dependent on another hanger (ie: youre bringing BBQ sauce for BBQ they're bringing) please get with them in advance. Some items can be purchased day of and thats fine by me.

    This is the link to the Pot Luck Sign Up Sheet. In the cell please put your name and what you can bring
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