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    would it get rid of this risk if the loops were wrapped together or sewn together.
    you could just girth hitch them together as one like they are on the apex buckle. but i think even girth hitched independently and then tightened should keep them from moving, if you sewed them together you would negate the purpose of using the biner in the first place which is having them easy to take apart for sock install

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yukon View Post
    I like it, definitely would make it easier. What doe Dutch rate that biner at for weight limit?
    1000 pounds
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    Carabiner cross loading

    According to an Oregon Fire Department testing of Carabiners, a 3-way load on a 10,000lb rated carabiner broke when loaded to 4700lbs.

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    Hi folks, I have been reading this forum for a while now, but I haven't posted yet. This is my first post There is a wealth of information here which I have greatly benefited from! Thank you to everyone who has posted over the years. I love that some of my favorite gear suppliers are here as well such as Dutchware and Warbonnet. I also am a big fan of Shug's videos

    I know this is an older thread, but I was wondering how the Dutch biner mod to quicken the assembly of the Spindrift has held up ? Any failures ? I have a Spindrift in the mail and on the way to me so I have been brainstorming how I want to install it on my RR. I was thinking that this Dutch Biner mod might do just the trick. Have you found that the Larks head is essential ? Sounds like it would be a much safer option. Also, is installing and removing an under quilt (I have a new Lynx Four season that I am dying to try out) pretty straight forward with the Sprindrift installed ? Thanks ahead of time! -Lochlainn

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    Or you could use these from Dutch, Bridge Hammock Whoopie Hooks.

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