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    Better late than never!

    I've actually been a member for almost a year now, but haven't formally introduced myself in this thread yet!

    So, I'm a swedish hanger, one of what seems to be very few around here. I have however managed to convert quite a group of people so far, mainly family and friends, but like rings on the watersurface - I expect it to spread further out, given some time!

    And the DIY bug seems to grow too. Imagine this: 3-4 tough, tattooed men sitting around the kitchen table talking about sewing machines and stitching techniques - drinking tea, smiling. Those who haven't got the bug yet, thinks we lost it. For good this time.

    Anywho, my "quick" intro as to how I started hanging in the first place:
    I was actually looking to buy a tentcot to bring with me while out riding my Honda Transalp. In researching what would suit me, I stumbled across a thread over on - "Tenthammock superlinky". By finding info on the Eureka Chrysalis there, I followed the tracks here and was subsequently blown away, as so many before me..!

    Guess I started in the "wrong" end though, as I'm currently preferring my TW (gathered end) hammock over the Chrysalis I bought, and the Chrys wasn't cheap. At all.

    Now, just let me finish by saying that I've been well looked after here on HF! For example, someone anonymously donated a years membership when I couldn't afford to!
    That's simply amazing, and I intend to do likewise to someone else whenever I get my finances in order again!

    This became quite a long intro, but that's just me being me - can't seem to keep my posts short... My apologies to whoever hates reading long rants

    Cheers from Scandinavia!! / SwedeMix

    Edit: Got carried away with the smilies, that happens sometimes..
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    People on this forum are absolutely incredible. I wish we could discover new land and inhabit it all together. :-) - Deadphans

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