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    I can say now that I agree in general longer is more comfortable... And I would tell you a way to experiment for yourself... Make a table cloth hammock, it would be 10'6" on the longer side and you could shorten it up by just moving a bit of the whipping one way or the other to find out how short is too short... And find out of there is a sweet spot... Because to me there has to be a tipping point where bigger has diminishing return or no return at all... Fine at the house , but if you have to carry it, it would be nice to know its the right balance..
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    Tennis racquets of the last decade and larger heads and much larger sweet spots than earlier ones. The fraction of players who can hit with power is larger, whatever the skill level, whatever the patience and ability to learn to use the tool in the hand. I am out every night again, and have to search for the big hump /tunnel we call "calf-pressure", now that I've adjusted an 8' Clark to have more sag. Yes, I'm sleeping diagonal, not banana, and the virtual ridge-line length is @ 85%.

    It may be easier with a large hammock to be immediately comfortable. Same as it has always been getting behind the wheel of a Cadilator, Lincoln, or similar. Most everyone who flops down on a mattress in a store does so on a diagonal. So, the first impression will always be better from a large mattress, where edge-support effects are less likely to be a part of the initial experience. The big bed is an easier sell, or a necessary tool to sell a smaller version of the same.

    On hammocks: I flat out disbelieve that 50 sq ft / 5m2 are necessary for a completely comfortable hammock for 95% of the US adult population. (Of course, average HF members are self -selected to be larger.) I also don't deny that a motel operator whose rooms all had single beds and all of whose clients slept alone, would be out of business competing at the same price with someone offering queen size beds to the same customers.

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    I'm 5'8" and my hammock body is 108" before sewing the channels in it. It's probably about 105" after sewing the channels.

    If you are willing to do a footbox it can also compensate for a shorter body if you find you have calf ridges. I recently converted my footbox to an adjustable one like UKHammocks uses.
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