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    Mine have done okay by setting up the hammocks under a shared tarp, with a pad in the double layer, and a warm bag. When I've taken my 5/6 year olds, I always take my largest hammock, as several times they've ended up in my hammock at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detail Man View Post
    We've been in cool weather many times and the kids do fine. Just make sure they have comparable insulation to what you will take for yourself. I like to hang side by side so I can be close (and warm) if they need something. If during the night, I can tell it's gotten colder or windy, I can just reach over and make sure they are still tucked in and toasty.

    The link mentioned in an earlier post has lots of good info.

    My 3 girls set their all time low (24*) at the FL hang this past January. They had 20* down UQs, Kelty 30* synthetic mummy bags, and slept in their Capilene long johns. I also make them sleep with their jacket/fleece with them inside the bag. It'll be warm to put on in the morning.

    Get some of the handwarmer packets and teach him how to open them. Let him sleep with a couple in his hammock. If he does get cool during the night, he can pop open a warmer on his own.

    If your plan is to stay multiple nights, have a bailout plan if things go south.

    Hope you all have a great weekend. Camping with your kids is great fun.
    100% agree....

    Also if I may add, each child is different and has a different level of comfort, being in the woods can sometimes bring out the best or worst, both my girls absolutely looooooooove to go out (would sleep in their hammock all year long if they could) but the first time they went out with us, man o man it was an event. But each time after it got easier and easier, till now they are comfortable being in the woods and comfortable with the night sounds as they know and understand that mom and dad are right there.

    Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the moments with your kid...

    Pics below are from this just past Fall Mahha...
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions and advice. We all survived and, most importantly, had a lot of fun. It ended up being colder than anticipated. The thermometer read 27 degrees the next morning when we got up.

    It was a beautiful clear night, so we decided to forego the tarps so we could look at the stars. My 12 year old was in his Hennessy Scout and I put my 5 year old in my Eno DN, and I was in my WBBB.

    I put my 5 year old inside a 30 degree sleeping bag and then added a fleece blanket on top. Under him he had a basic foam pad. He wore his thermal underwear, sweatshirt and stocking hat to bed (or is the correct term "he worn the stocking had to hammock"?) Then I heated up a Nalgene bottle full of nearly boiling water and dropped it into a wool sock and put the hot water bottle inside his sleeping bag with him. He basically cuddled with the Nalgene all night and kept plenty warm.

    All-in-all a successful hang with my two boys. Good memories.

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    Sweet! Great to hear!

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    Wonderful news, glad it went well. You gave them a memory that will stay with them for quite some time, make sure they get to revisit that memory from time to time (mine bug the heck out of me to go back out all the time).
    "yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift---thats why its called a present" - Master Oogway
    It's always best if your an early riser!

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    Glad everyone had a great time. Thanks for letting us know how it went.

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