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    WB Straps, Dclips
    I'd rather have it right than fast and I'm sure all of us ordered from Warbonnet because Brandon has a reputation for doing it right.

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    ordered xlc bb d1.7 may 5th, just got shipping notification 10 mins ago... cant wait to get it and see the quality first hand.
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    I ordered a Ridgerunner, Cloudburst Tarp and an Undercover/Poncho on April 22nd and have been patiently waiting ever since. I too just got my shipping notification! HECK YEAH!!!!

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    warbonnett shipping notice

    I had ordered hammock and sock on April 28th and added a second order for the travel sock on May 1st. I got the shipping notice around May 17th and I received my order on May 20th.. It seemed lengthy though the products received were high quality... Mine may have been delayed because of the second order. On the site it states that items typically have 3 week turnaround.....

    Good luck,

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    Ordered on April 10th (XLC, Superfly). Just received shipping notice :-)
    Hammock camping will start soon (it's my first hammock)

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    I ordered a BB dbl 1.7 on May 1st and still waiting. This will be my first high quality hammock since my other is an ENO, so I am really looking forward to trying out the BB.

    If all goes well adjusting from ground camping then I have a week long BWCA trip the end of June.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tafische View Post
    Sounds like 3 to 4 weeks is the norm. While I am used to the Amazon Prime 1 and 2 day delivery - some other things are worth the wait...especially for the made in America often do you get to buy a quality product and discuss directly with the folks who are making it?

    I figure this is a tarp to last a lifetime so it is worth it to me....I started to say "this is the last tarp I ever buy" but we all know that would be a
    Quote Originally Posted by Bakes View Post
    If you really want something tomorrow just get an ENO off amazon and be done with it. If you want a high quality item made by someone who cares it will take a little longer. Just got my second RR. First one took 2 weeks. Second one took 4-6 weeks. Well worth the wait.
    Quote Originally Posted by talldaddy View Post
    Ordered a Blackbird XLC and superfly 4/4. Still waiting.... Have a weeklong canoe trip coming up and hope to use the BB, but have the HH as backup.
    I just came from the current OES complaint thread, and have now been reading through this thread, which I see has hundreds of replies. Now here is what is wierd: Many years ago I ordered one of the first BBs. I can't remember the specifics, but I got it reasonably quick, certainly within a week or 2. Then somewhere about the same time, I ordered what may well have been the very last Climashield Yeti style UQ Brandon ever made. I think I also got that in a reasonable amount of time. Was it last Christmas WB was having a sale on WBRR hammocks? I broke down and ordered one like during the last hour of the sale, then did not think about it again. I remember being surprised at how quickly it arrived, though I don't recall the specifics. But I'm sure it got here less than 2 weeks after internet order. Finally, some weeks ago I got an e-mail from Brandon offering free replacement bars for the RR. I responded to the e-mail, and did not think about it again. And once again I was surprised when they arrived, thinking "wow, already?". Again for sure under 2 weeks I'm thinking.

    So what the heck? I'm thinking JRB has always been quicker, but I have never had a delay worth thinking about, even when I was much newer to all of this and was in a hurry for my new toys to get here. Maybe I'm just lucky? Or, probably, Brandon for some strange reason just likes me a lot better than all you other guys, even though we have never met or talked. I guess that's it. Yeah, that's the ticket.
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    I received my email today on shipping of my very first hammock. I ordered the bb with the edge tarp. I feel like a little kid.
    Scoutmaster troop 4312 Jackson, MI

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    tree strap/whoopie
    XLC dbl. 1.7 ordered April 12 shipped yesterday with ETA of May 28.

    Take it easy,

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    Email from Brandon

    This is my first time ordering a really nice hammock. I have usually rocked my ENO doublenest with whoopie sling, but I just ordered my BB XLC 1.1/1.9 and I am dying to get it in the mail.

    I have not ordered from Warbonnet before and so after not hearing anything for a week after paying, I emailed to ask how they work shipping. Brandon was nice and said that they are taking about 3-4 weeks from date of order before they head out the door and apologized for the long wait. Has this long a lead time been a common occurrence for anyone?

    I have a trip planned so I hope it makes it here before I have to go, but everyone seems to be sure these are worth the wait, so wait I shall. I am really hoping that the product quality is so great that I wont sweat the small gripe about a misleading shipping time on the website (1 week for in stock which this says it was, and 3 weeks for backordered) which was a little frustrating.

    Is it really such a great hammock that I can spend my energy smiling and patiently waiting for a bad as$ American Made product? Thanks in advance for any experiences and input!

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