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    Lite Tarp Support

    Greetings all,

    I'm sure somebody out there has done this before but after a couple of days of trolling around looking for a thread that might document the idea I had, I've struck out completely.

    I've seen plenty of demos and notes about using walking poles to hold a line up from a tarp (for a porch effect, whatever). But since all of the camping I do these days has airports and airport security to contend with, I travel very light, with only one pack as carry-on, period. The pack has to fit either overhead or under the seat ahead of me. Normal walking aids like poles, even adjustable, become problematic.

    So I came up with this idea. You know those extra light camera tripods one can get? Some of the very lightest work okay and can be disassembled, yielding three legs sans the camera attachment.

    They're aluminum I think. Very light. More importantly, the legs themselves telescope very nicely, giving you five or six different heights to choose from.

    One would have to tie it off with two lines for it to be truly stable, but it seems to do the job okay, barring big storms.
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    Nice find. Are they long enough to use as hiking poles? I used to bring my hiking poles along even on canoe trips just to use on the tarps (porch mode etc.) until I realized all the trees I hang from also produce sticks equally suited to the job. However if hiking the poles still come with.
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    I'd think that inexpensive folding tent posts, the ones with the elastic cords inside would be lighter but would need at least 2 pegs and more care in setting up.
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    I like the idea of the 2 tent poles but there would not be any way to adjust the height like the solo camera poles.

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    Afraid not. Also they're a bit flimsy and i wouldn't trust them with too much stree.

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    Using the camera tripod legs has one other plus: the segments give you the option of about 5 heights.

    I'm currently using them in an emergency shelter kit that uses the golite poncho tarp and a Polycarb groundcloth.

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