Why does the SS undercover seem stitched wrong at the opening for bottom entry? it seems as though something is twisted, I think it is stitched like that to allow the pieces to snap shut and over lap.

when I first set it up I thought it was all twisted up before packing, I tried pushing the opposite end through the opening, thinking it was kinda inside out, if that makes sense.

I gotta say owning the side zip model, I don't really like the fact that all the under covers have the classic opening, I wish they made a model for the side zips.

If it was solid at both ends for the zip models it would let in less cold air, (I mostly hike the other 3 seasons fall winter and spring)

Any one else out there not so crazy about this?
Has anyone stitched it shut?
I was thinking of having 2QZQ stitch it up for me.