A few quick shots of my Underground Quilts winter set. Slept in last two nights and was incredibly warm and comfortable; temps down to 30*. Think I'll be good down to single digit temps.

- 0* UQ - 49" x 80", draft collars, 18oz of Resist down
- 20* TQ - 55" x 78", 17oz of Resist down
- Material: Gray M50 all around (matches the Dangerbird's Gray M50 end caps nicely).

The extra width of the UQ creates a deep u-shape in the DB 68; the high sides do a great job blocking wind and creating a good seal; trapping warmth. Sleeping sideways or kicking one knee up to the edge still provides complete coverage. The TQ has a snap/drawstring bottom and a single snap/shockcord top. This overall configuration provides full encasement in downy goodness.

Inside, using a Fillo pillow, where I removed the memory foam and stuffed in a pair of WB Flash pants (feels great). My down mitts and booties are in a M50 stuff sack. Makes for a nice little knee pillow and easy to pull out all extra down if needed (would have to be wicked cold).

Stitching and attention to detail is really first rate. Working with Paul was a joy; he answered all emails promptly, returned a phone call withing an hour to answer a suspension-related question, and he delivered in short order; just a few weeks.