Hangers, just found this thread ... A lot of great information as I read thru it.

Vapor barriers for me, if one is wanting their gear as light as possible, I feel one must must experiment with and use them.

That said, I have slept in a Silicone impregnated fabric rain suit next to my long underwear for years in temperatures below 40*F.

If I feel too warm, I simply stick my feet out from under my top quilt. Cool down to where I put my feet back in or under my top quilt. I've never experienced wet outer gear with this vapor barrier usage by keeping it the second layer out from my body.

I tried wearing the rain suit next to my skin and found it uncomfortable feeling the water resistant fabric.

I do remember reading tho, what works for some, does not work for everyone. Thus, vapor barrier experimenting being necessary and should result in a lighter gear kit for a lot of backpackers?

Happy Trails
dp Dave