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    whoopie sling ridgeline

    So I spent my girst night in hammock, it didnt go so well. I froze to death and it was very uncomforatbel (operator error). my suspension stretched and a host of other issues. I found Shugs videos which were very good and I also seen that he uses whoopie slings and a structural ridgeline. I have browsed other posts but i dont understand the technical language yet so it was hard for me to follow so sorry if this is an old question already posted. I watched the video on whoopie and replacing the end suspension sems straight forward however, i need to figure out how to attach the whoopie ridgeline. i havent found any good pics or video (probably easier for me to understand until I learn the lingo). I need to figure out the "sag" after I install the ridgeline. I also was curious, until i order a whoopie sling ridgeline will paracord work for just the ridgeline portion? Thank you

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    Just place the ends of the ridge line through the loops of the whoopie when you go to close the girth hitch knot in connecting them to the hammock.

    Picture with green line being the ridge line..should look the same on both ends.

    Paracord has a lot of stretch by design and has basically no usefulness in a hammock set up. A stretching ridge line is not serving the purpose of a fixed length structural ridge line. Kinda takes the "Structural" aspect and tosses it out
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    Whoopie ridgelines -- often called adjustable ridgelines -- are what you indicate... cord spliced and configured to result in a fixed loop on one end and an adjustable on the other. pgibson nailed it; paracord is made of nylon. Nylon stretches -- a lot --- making it unacceptable for a ridgeline.

    The photo above is great. This is a tutorial on attaching a ridgeline:
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    What ever line, whoopie or otherwise, you have coming out of the end of your hammock, you that the whoopie SRL and larks head it to the suspension.
    Paracord will sorta work, its really stretchy so it is better as a non structural RL.
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    Thank you

    That is what I was looking for. Seemed easy but I wanted to make sure it was done right. Thank you. Would you say that the whoopie would be a good way to go for boy ends of the hammock and the ridgeline? Seems like a light, easy to use, strong setup. Thanks again

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    Also keep in mind Paracord is rated at 550 pounds at best. It is made for parachutes (multiple lines going to the canopy). Besides being stretchy, it will break a lot easier than other light weight cordage such as Amsteel and so would not be suitable for structural lines.

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    One way to attach it is to larks head the eye to one end & use a ridge line biner from Dutch. I've also used a chain link to secure the adjustable end.
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