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    First 2 nights in a hammock

    On a climbing trip over the weekend, and had packed my hammock (A modded TrekMates Expedition - climbing cord cinched ends, and webbing straps) into my bag, just in case, since it took up so little room.

    Well, it was worth taking it! We were staying in an old converted barn and i realized there was a perfect area to hang a hammock up, from the roof rafters. 2ft from the floor, but on a balcony 10ft up! So i did the logical thing, and set it up straight away!

    Of course, i hadnt planned on sleeping in the hammock, (i took it more for chilling in the day or while out at a crag..), so i wasnt properly prepared. I had a sleeping bag rated to comfort level of 8-12C, extreme of -5C, no sleeping pad, no underquilt or spare sleeping bag. So i thought about it and came to the conclusion that my microfiber towel could go unfolded between the layers of the hammock. That would surely be enough?

    It wasnt. I was in the sleeping bag, fully clothed. I was cold (less than 5C in the hut). BUT, i was really comfortable! So comfortable in fact that despite waking up 4-5 times each night to change position or wiggle up/down a bit, i awoke in the mornings feeling fresh and relaxed. Im pretty sure when i got in on the second night, gently swaying from getting in the right position, i was asleep within minutes!

    The others were all in sleeping bags on thick, but cheap foam "mattresses" not fancy at all. A good number of them complained "Too many people / so and so knee'd me/ couldnt get comfy, etc". My only complaint was that i was a little cold!

    The first night back, in a "proper" bed was last night. I woke up feeling tense and sore. The cheap modded hammock was more comfortable than my bed!

    Now i just want to find somewhere to hang it in my room

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    Ha - I wish I could work out being a full-timer! Sounds like you had a balst. Would have liked to see some picks of your barn hang!
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    Sounds awesome. Some pictures of that would be great. I have converted a few of my friends to hammocks, for the same reasons you listed.

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    Sounds like you had a blast. I agree, where are the pics?

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    Yeah being a full time hanger has its pros but I can't have me and the wife together in it I'm sure after I e been married a while I won't care as much neither will she. Lol. I have one in the garage pretty much year round and if I get home from work before the fan I just chill in there till I'm awaken by the door roaring open
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    Unfortunately my mind was elsewhere when packing up and so i forgot to take any pictures

    Worse still, i only realized the lack of pics on the drive home, too late to even clip it back into place for a pic.

    I have noticed my uni's library has support poles which would almost be perfect though..

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