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    WITHDRAWN: Garmin TOPO U.S. 24k Texas

    Withdrawn from HF
    Thank you
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    Do these come with a free guided tour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lubbockhammockguy View Post
    Do these come with a free guided tour?
    You just pay the processing fee of $15000

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    That's a H#!! of a deal, but my wife would kill me and sell my body points to get her money back

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    One and only one price drop.
    $45 shipped

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    If you can consider $40..... I'll take it

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    Quote Originally Posted by krobar View Post
    If you can consider $40..... I'll take it
    Sorry but I just can't lose anymore money on this deal.
    Thank you

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    This is no longer for sale.
    Mods please close.
    Thank you

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