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    Structural ridge line

    Ok, band new to hammocking. I was doing some reading on here and found that if you use a structural ridgeline you can find the best sag for personal comfort and it stays consistent when you hang your hammock so that is set at my preference every time without fooling with the ends. That said, when I tie my hammock to the tree is foot and head end at the same height? If so what is normal height? Head high? Or in theory does it matter since I have this SRL? When I tie my hammock to the tree with this method how tight do I pull it? Or again, as long as its secure it doesn't matter because of the SRL? What I am considering because it looks easy to me it a whoopie sling adjustable ridgeline and whoopie slings on the ends. I was going to use rachchette straps with the rachette removed and use a marlin spike knot. I've only been at this a week and have only one hang under my belt which I might add didn't go well because I had no idea there where all these options and configurations which would have made life easier. In case it matters I'm 6 foot 4 208 lbs and I purchased a hammock from Wally World the equip travel hammock. Thanks allot you all have been extremely helpful.

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    You want the foot end a little higher, some say almost a foot higher, some say 6". You have to try a few different ways/heights and see what is the most comfortable. If you have your head higher, over the night, you will slip down in the hammock, towards the foot end. Trust me, it's not fun having to pull your self back towards the head end. You still want to try and maintain the 30deg angle of the straps. The ridgeline is to help keep the same lay in the hammock, if you don't get the angles right. If the trees are to far apart, it can be a PITA to get the angles right, and the hammock to lay right, so the ridgeline keeps it there. I usually use a whoopie for the ridgeline, so I can adjust it and try different amount of sag in the hammock. Some start this way, and when they find the "sweet spot", measure and switch it to a solid line with locked Brummel at both ends. When I find the right spot, I just take one of the little bread wrappers twist ties and put on the whoopie part to keep it from falling off the suspension when I have it stored in the stuff sack.
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    Foot end higher, I almost go a full foot higher. As for your ridgeline, start with 83% of your hammock length. Measure from suspension point to suspension point of your hammock laying out straight and then take that number and go 83%. Then play with that figure from there until you have the sag that is comfortable to you. When you hang your hammock, there should bit a bit of play in that ridgeline.......blah, it'll be easier to just show you when we get together, than trying to explain it.

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    +1 on foot end higher I highly recommend the book the ultimate hang for 15 or 20 bucks it is invaluable or if u have a iPhone or kindle or something get a E version for like 4 bucks it will answer almost any question u have about ham mocking and is highly recommended by most on this site. Cheers
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    My rig set up

    I would assume I have some suspension issues.just used the stock strings and two ratchet straps
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    be patient with yourself,and plus 1 on above mentioned tips.happy hanging.

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