As the holidays approach, we're already getting a bunch of threads offering good deals and Black Friday sales. Before you post these, please refresh yourself with a few key points in the Terms of Service.

We're also about to add specific guidance on not posting random good deals. These are great...but they're all over the internet. If you want a random good deal, search for it! We don't want a bunch of non-hammock clutter on the forum, or a bunch of big-box manufacturer spam links choking out the cottage-level innovation that happens here.

VI. The Marketplace. Hammock Forums offers a Marketplace for members to sell their personal gear or to post about a piece of gear they’re willing to buy.

C. Items must be listed with a selling price. No auction-style posts, bidding on items, or linking to auctions.

D. Do not post links to websites that offer referral bonuses or kickbacks.
I. No 'PayPal Gift Only' or 'PayPal Personal Only' payment requirements are allowed in sales.

J. Vendors and resellers are not welcome to post their sales in the Marketplace. Dumping extra inventory, even if it’s a good deal for HF’s members, violates the essentially non-commercial nature of our site.