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Because it clutters the forum, especially for folks who use the "new posts" function. And because that's one more thing for the mods to work on that doesn't add to HF's primary mission of discussing hammocks.

What beats me is why people come to Hammock Forums asking for all kinds of non-hammock things. If you want non-hammock things, go to a non-hammock forum. Maybe look for one called GoodDealForums.com.

It's also kinda funny that people use the logic of, "All the other good forums do that." Good...then it's not needed here b/c all the other good ones are already doing it. So...you do actually have the option of doing both. Choose to read the good deal subs on the other forums OR not.

(I really mean the smiley, too...but this policy won't change.)
Yeah, I figured out kind of early on here that certain policy's dont have a chance at change.

I do agree that if the "gear deal" has no bearing at all to the experience of hammocking then it doenst belong.

Have a good one