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    My New DIY Winter Sock

    After sitting on this idea for awhile, I decided to go ahead and sew up another winter sock. This one I made for full on wet winter use in heavy winds - like we experience here in the midwest.

    After seeing another sock at the Hoossier Hang that had a waterproof bottom with breathable sides and was over-sized, I wanted to build something similar. I knew from my material choices it was going to be heavy - around 12 oz or even more.

    I'm in the final stages of fitting so it's not complete yet. I just have to decide how "super sized" I want it.

    For the bottom I chose Oxford Nylon and for the sides I chose 48" wide 1.1 ripstop (DWR) in dark olive. This is patterned after the Ted BugNet and will work much the same way.

    I got 6 yds of ripstop and 2 yds of the oxford nylon from DIY Gear Supply. The ripstop is 48" wide and is perfect for my sock. I only used a 18" by 6' long piece of the oxford.

    I made a boat bottom shape by buying a piece of 10ft long 1/2" cpvc pipe and attaching a string to the ends and figured the curve I wanted with my WBBB.
    I marked with a sharpie and cut along the line and sewed the edge closed.

    This sock is by no means "close fitting" - I wanted extra room and the sock is hung high on my whoopie slings on prusiks. I still have to attach the ridge cap and run the shock cord - please bear with me - I'm still playing with it.

    Now I don't have to worry about keeping the bottom off the ground in rainy weather. My old sock (DWR ripstop) would start to soak up water after awhile if it touched the wet ground.
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