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    Camo Cuben Fiber Tarp...

    That's right all you stealth campers out there, I can finally get some camouflage Cuben Fiber material to make tarps with...of course there is a catch. (isn't there always a catch?)

    I can get it, but I have to make a sizable order to do so. And, there is an upcharge for the printing.....And, it can only be made in the .75 ounce material and not the .51 ounce material that we normally use.

    The price of a 4 door standard tarp will go up approximately $25-$30. I do not like raising the price of something that is already over priced as it is...but my hands are tied on this one. I will say this though, I am actually absorbing SOME of that price increase.

    This thread is to see what kind of interest there is for this product. I am even up for taking any pre-orders if anyone wants to go that route. For now, this is going to be a limited production run. I am not sure of how many.

    Regarding wait times...I can not get the material until the middle of next month so any one in on the first batch SHOULD get it by the New years or just after Christmas. Maybe (big Maybe) before Christmas if you are one of the first orders.

    I am attaching an image that was sent to me by the supplier. This is the ONLY pattern they are allowed to use. The other ones they have are proprietary and not for sale to the likes of me.... The pattern is a desert digital camo (ironic for us tree dwelling folks). They said they can make it a bit greener than the sample in the photo but the pattern will be the same. I think as long as it is breaking up the solid Cuben panel, it is a big improvement.

    Anyway, let me know guys!


    p.s. there are two swatches in the photo. The one on the left is of an actual fabric, the one on the right is of Cuben Fiber Material.
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