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    DIY Tablecloth Hammock (the way I do it)

    I just thought I'd take a few minutes to try and explain how I make my tablecloth hammocks. There are lots of great ways to go about this. This is just how I do it. Hopefully someone can use some of this information.

    I use the 60x126 Crinkle Taffeta. I've made some with the larger table cloths, but this is the size that I like the best.

    Here's a link to where I order mine:

    The tablecloths come to me like this.

    I find one of the short sides and just start folding it on itself (like an accordian). When I've folded the entire side I pull the outer edges about 2" out from the rest.

    For the whipping I use amsteel, but you could use just about anything I would think. I fold it over and then just start wrapping it around itself. I like to get this as tight as I can. Once I've done about 10 to 12 wraps I stick the end through the loop that I have left and pull the other end until the loop goes up into the whipping about halfway. Then I just cut the ends to make things look pretty.

    At this point you could just throw some suspension on it and be done, but I like to add the knotty mod to mine, and since it's so easy, I don't see any reason "k"not to (a little rope humor there)

    The tablecloth comes with a perfect hem all the way around it. I just use this hem as the channel for my shock cord. I use a small nail, but you could use just about anything that would make a hole about the size you need. I put one hole about 18" from the end of the hammock and another hole about 3' from that. I thread the shock cord through and attach a cord lock to the side that will be closest to me while I'm in the hammock. On the other end I just tie a couple of simple knots to keep it from slipping through the hole. You could use another cord lock here, but I don't see the need.

    After that I just slap some whoopies on it and I'm ready to hang out!

    These things really do make great hammocks. They are very easy to make and I feel the comfort rivals those that you could pay much much more for. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to post them here, or pm me. I'll do my best to help out.
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