As you all can tell from my profile info, I have been here on the forums for about a year. In that time I haven't asked too many questions, I answer a lot more than ask, so I am using one of mine today and maybe help someone struggling to pull the trigger on fluffy bird parts at the same time.

So here's my quandary:

I am trying to pick between a 20* uq full or 3/4, or a 0* uq full or 3/4. if it were your choice, what would you choose for optimal versatility,comfort, and why? I am kind of a cheap guy and don't like spending much money on items (I'm a used car kind of guy) so I only want 1 underquilt for everything that I wouldn't be able to use my pluq for...

I totally understand venting, but if I layer right up top (ie a 30* bag) should I have to vent a 0 underquilt at say 30*? I have also read about air pockets around the knees with full length uq's but I really am leaning that way because I hate extra stuff in the hammock with me, (not sayin 3/4 quilts are out though)As anyone can tell, I am struggling with deciding where to put my hard earned dollars at. I have plenty of knowledge in other areas, but this area is a serious headache for me. This is me begging for help, so all are welcome to reply, the more the merrier as the saying goes.

Oh, no brand recommendations though, I'm well aware of the manufacturers, just pros, cons, and utility of deeper cold quilts. Thanks again all.