I'm just laying here in my WBBB on this lazy Saturday afternoon. It's starting to get a little chilly and can't wait to receive my quilts from Hammockgear this week!!

I forgot my book, but I have my iPhone and the Tapatalk APP, so I was able to read people's posts.

My boys are swinging in their hammocks that I got for them during the sale at GreenLifeOutfitters last month. It was tough to pass on them trying it out for $9.50 each. I'm using some auto ratcheting straps for their hammocks.

They are just goofing and reading.

We are hanging in the trees at our church since we have no trees in our small back yard.

What a nice way to spend a few hours in the afternoon! Spending it with my sons = priceless!!

My trip report would be:
1. Eat lunch
2. Drive a mile to church
3. Set up hammocks
4. Good/read
5. Pack up
6. Drive a mile home
7. Eat dinner