I am an ultralite backpacker who especially tries to make the shelter as lite as possible. I used to exclusively use a kifaru paratarp with my trekking poles as supports, but the more I backpack with it (or any ground shelter), the more cases I find myself in an unfavorable situation with terrain. Thus, I have decided to give hammocks a try. Being the UL freak I am, I have bought a grand trunk nano-7 and whoopie slings. For the record, yes I know about the weenie hammock, but I like the grand trunk better. While I have yet to go backpacking with my hammock, I have slept in it in my backyard at night. The results? I am now hooked on hammocks! I still bring my kifaru, but chiefly as a rain fly, and will only now use it as a shelter when no trees/supports are around (canyons, mountain peaks, grasslands etc. all of these are near thunder bay). I still have a lot to learn, but that is why I am here! Hope to meet lots of hammockers while on the forums, especially those near my area, although I doubt there are many canadians here. Prove me wrong please