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    material width

    Hello all,
    A quick question, I've tried searching the forums, as I'm sure it has been covered, but couldn't find the answer.

    I'm getting ready to start my first DIY hammock, planning on a WarBird type. My question is regarding the bottom sheet width. I have been able to find some good material in my area (Tokyo), but the width is only 122cm(48"). The plans I have found call for ~60". Is it possible to use a seam on the bottom piece to achieve the desired width?

    Would the seam have any negative effects, strength, comfort? Also, if it is possibe to use a seam, where should it go? down the middle? down the left/right side? two seams?

    Thank you in advance! This forum is tops!

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    Many commercial hammocks have seams down them.... From a comfort perspective, definitely go with 3 pieces, laying on a seam isn't very comfortable.

    Depending on your height, 48" might not be too bad... Since the warbird design has an extra piece of fabric on the other side of the zipper, it might be ok.... you'll have to try it to see.

    I would take the hammock body and just whip the end and lay in it... see how much room you have . . .

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    A single seam down the middle of the hammock bed would be problematic. Aside from the discomfort of laying full on a seam, it would alter the stretch characteristics of the bed. Add panels to each side to get get the width you want. Remember there is some loss due to the hem/seam allowances so make sure you add that onto your pattern calculations. I recommend a flat-felled seam, or its cousin, the folded down french seam. Either is a good strong seam and will take the stress placed on the seams.
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    Thank you both for your insight/guidance! Ramblinrev, I now know what those seams are thanks to your video tutorials.
    I hope to get started on this project soon. This advice gets me one step closer!

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