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Thread: CCF limits?

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    for really cold, I like one full length WM pad with another 1/2 pad criss-crossed under my torso (shoulders to hips) this gives 1 " of ccf pad under the torso, where the max compression occurs. and seems to enfold you in a pocket around your sides.

    I have to confess that I have never been out that (8deg.F) cold. One night at around 15 in a 24 degree Kelty bag iin a shelter. I "shivered the whole night through" (ref old folk song)

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    I used 2 wm pads last night. Only got down to 24 though. I definitely think I could have went down to lower teens as I was pretty darn warm. I used a 15 deg Walmart synthetic bag....very warm.

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    I've used Volara 2a CCF in my hammock. The full length pad is 1/2" thick, and to protect my sides I used a 1/4" pad under my torso that is 44" wide. So total thickness under my torso is 3/4". I've only been able to test it to 18F, but so far that thickness works well.

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