I been think of a way to stay warm with out so much gear like a underquilt.($$) I don't have the time to really make a quilt and or the money.
So, I been using a sleeping bag as the quilt and and fleece liner and a second sleeping bag.
I still found I get chiled. So, I bought a space blanket and put it on the inside of my tarp area and a few (4) of alumanum pans with hot rocks from the fire and covered them with alumanum like box heaters or a hand warmer.
I found that the heat will stay and the space blanket works great. If you block one open end and most of the other end when you go to sleep and block the bottom with snow and clean the ground the best you can and lay a pad were your feet and shoe will go wow even that area is cold but not as bad. I also found if you bring a old milk jug you don't have to really get up in the middle of the night to pee. Do you see were this is going? I wanted to take a picture but I lost my camera on the track in.
Tell me what you think after you try the idea. I was thinking of doing a tarp and sawing in on to the main area of the tarp.Like I said I have little time for sewing and buying all the things. I sew when I can and the rest is with work or my kids and when I get a chance I go camping.