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    Road trip South Louisiana

    Thinking about a little road trip along I-10 in south Louisiana. Anyone know some good spots between New Orleans and Texas/Louisiana state line?

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    6, drink, hang?'s only about 3 hours to Lake Charles is this a day trip or overnighter?

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    Oh yeah forgot a few minor details... Lol. I'll be on my bike and so more than likely I'd like to plan for an over nighter. I love taking pictures too so this would be a plus. Anything to go with that is great too... Eat drink hang... Whatever goes.

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    Just North of Lake Charles sits Sam Houston Jones State Park. Excellent scenery on the Calcasieu river! They have a large number of primitive sites with excellent views.

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    Awesome. I'll look into it. It's still gonna a week or two before I go. Hopefully the weather will hold up like it has been.

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    South Louisiana
    Head north, swing wide stop in Joes Dreyfus Store for lunch, then on to Leahs Lunch House in Lecompte for pie, the best! Then thru Alexandria to Kisatchie, our only National Forest. Hit the Azalea Trail or ride into Kincaid Recreation area and ride right up to your camping spot.


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    Headed That Way Myself

    I'm going to be in New Orleans come the 2nd and was planning on about a week's stay -- mostly exploring south of New Orleans right along the coast. I've been to Lake Charles once (this last trip in the early spring) and had a great time in the New Iberia, Lafayette area. Any special state parks south of New Orleans that you can recall? Or south and east?

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    St. Bernard & bayou segnette are a couple good ones. They're really nice when the weather is good. If you really wanna head south grand isle Is also good one. If you're just looking to explore and see the coast there's not to much more to see down here. I've lived in Houma going on ten years its easy to see what the area offers really quick. Lol the people keep me here more than anything.

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    Sounds Good

    I'll give them a look-see. My other trips to Louisiana have been a bit specific in what I wanted to see and do. This is going to be the first one where I'm just, more or less, cruising. I'm also kind of checking out possibilities for my wife who is into bird watching.

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    Tickfaw state park ..they have a small fee if you stay over night..i think it is nice there..though it has been some time since i have been there..yall may want to check it out
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