I just ordered a Blackbird 1.1 double and a superfly with the intent of using pads. However, my dad just offered to get me an UQ for an early xmas present.

I'm not an obsessive gram counter, but would like to stay as light as possible. A 3/4 UQ is really attractive to take up less space and weight in my pack. But... I frequently have cold feet.

Needing two quilts instead of one sleeping bag is giving me a tiny mental headache. I'd love it if both would be under 2.5-3 lbs total.

I'm in Western Oregon, and for the most part, I won't be out in weather than's under 20F. I'd like to aim at one UQ that will be versatile. It seems that with the ability to have a pad in addition to the UQ in extreme temps, and just the pad in light weather, that a 20F full length UQ would be good.

I like the looks of the Yeti, especially since it's already a Warbonnet product and will fit the BB well. But HammockGear's stuff also looks great.

Thoughts on this logic? Recommendations? I'd love to catch the sales likely ending tomorrow.

Oh, and I'm 6'2"/210.

Let me know if you need more info! Thanks for your time and sharing your wisdom.