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....I've not really bought into the insulated sock idea. My socks have never really been fitted per say, so that my UQ doesn't get compressed. Keeping with the purpose of the sock, I actually asked this in another thread, and got no answers, but if someone could please enlighten me on the purpose of an insulated sock, I would really appreciate it.
I like mine, but it was extremely labor intensive to get it the right shape so there were no air gaps but it didn't compress the down insulation of my hammock. One big plus for insulated socks is that you don't get air leaks from kicking the TQ off when you adjust position during the night. LD Cakes helped me do a video of my system last year. The sock was made by quilting Climashield between shaped panels of ripstop, then assembling the panels, then repeatedly modifying with strategically placed darts. I like the top-center zipper.