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    I got an REI bag, about 20 yrs ago. I think its a Volcano, synthetic but I'm not sure what kind. It seems to live for ever. Lives in a stuff sack, gets washed, keeps me warm on the ground, in a tent, in a hammock. I want to convert it to a top quilt, but we've been together so long I'm having a very hard time taking scissors to it. My down filled gortex covered Feathered Friend was smaller and lighter, but it didn't last very long.

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    I modified an older Marmot sleeping bag because I had it extra in the closet and didn't like the zipper on the right side anyway.

    But I, too, am saving up for better gear than I can make, namely a 40* UQ to tack with the Marmod.

    It also seems to me that a Garlington-type insulator/UQ protector would be basic gear for hammocking because it will hold just about anything for added warmth in a pinch. I intend to order up some M50 for such a thing in the foreseeable future.

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