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    Thread Injectors free

    In the spirit of the holidays, and inspired by other generous HF members, I have 3 repaired, cleaned and lubed machines that I am going to offer FOR FREE.

    There is a catch, as there always is. Only ask for one, if you NEED it.
    And, these all are heavy, all metal housings, 25-30 pounds, and I cannot ship them.
    Both of the newer ones are plastic gear drives, but work fine for lighter duty, just no straps or canvas advised.

    The Singer Stylist 457 has had the plastic gear replaced, that was the weak link.

    The Singer 6221C has had the lower rear housing repaired but does not affect the sewing.

    The White model 43 is all metal, and has had the motor drive wheel replaced and has a parts machine with it. Set in a partial cabinet with knee control.

    Shipping would probably be more than the machines could be bought for in your local area. So pick up, or arrange hand off transport.

    If there is a lot of interest I will draw names for each machine.
    Post to the thread.

    I would like to have these spoken for by December 5 if possible.
    We can arrange pickup, or whatever after that.

    Merry Christmas
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